ORY Hydra

Security-first OAuth2 and OpenID Connect

ORY Hydra is a cloud-native service implementing OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect Core 1.0, written in Golang. Connecting Hydra to existing authentication flows is fast, secure, and easy. Hydra implements security best practices and mitigates a broad set of issues raised in the OAuth 2.0 Thread Model. It is capable of securely storing encryption keys, and enriches your authorization infrastructure with sophisticated policy based access control - similar to AWS IAM Policies. If you want to be an OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect provider, because, for example, you are building a developer portal, you have come to the right place.

Hydra is respected in the industry, and used in production by companies facing millions of requests per day. Hydra is authored and maintained by Aeneas Rekkas, a security expert and founder of ORY.


We work with customers from all over the world, evaluating their planned security set up, helping them integrating ORY Hydra, and providing them with technology for easier integration and extreme scale.

Contact us any time, we are happy to help.


Our goal is to provide open source technology with the best developer experience. We are proud to have sponsors that help us achieving this. If you want to become a sponsor contact us for more information on the types of sponsorship.

Gold sponsors

We are proud to have Auth0 as Hydra gold sponsor. Auth0 solves the most complex identity use cases with an extensible and easy to integrate platform that secures billions of logins every year. At ORY, we use Auth0 in conjunction with Hydra for various internal projects.