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We have been running the Wikipedia for Learning for close to a decade now with the goal to engage individuals around the world to make themselves and their knowledge visible. We thought there must be a way to make it easier for everyone to create content online but stay independent at the same time. ORY Sites - the next generation website builder - is our result. 

Uploaded by ORY on 2016-11-20.


  • Write, add, move and resize texts and layout and see your results in real-time.
  • Use ctrl+z / ctrl+y to un-/redo your changes.
  • Responsive content that automatically adapts to your smartphone, tablet or laptop.
  • A variety of templates and plugins ready to be customized and integrated.
  • SEO optimizable with a SEO friendly technology.
  • Coming soon: Collaborative Editing, Cloud Push, Project synchronization
No databases, no security issues, 100% independent. Host your website anywhere.


There is unlimited options for you

  • Upgrade your Website: Create custom templates and plugins to make your website unique and share it within our community
  • Join our developer program or start a discussion at GitHub: We need your help to improve the overall experience, resolve issues, and influence where the journey is headed.