Our open source products secure millions of requests each day on a variety of production systems.

Our mission is to make web and cloud technology affordable, safe, scalable and easy to use.


ORY, founded in 2015, builds and maintains popular developer tools in the area of cyber security and user-centric development experience.

We come from ten years of experience in founding and running one of Germany's most successful non-profit educational start ups. During that time we learned how to scale software exponentially to millions of active users, and make systems secure and reliable.

Our open source projects rank with over 10k+ GitHub stars, have vivid communities and are regularly trending topics on popular sites and forums.


ORY Open Source Spotlight

ORY Hydra

OAuth 2.0 server with OpenID Connect support - cloud native, security-first, open source API security for your infrastructure. Written in Go.

ORY Editor

Next-gen, highly customizable content editor for the browser - based on React and Redux. WYSIWYG on steroids.

ORY Ladon

A SDK for access control policies: authorization for the microservice and IoT age. Inspired by AWS IAM policies. Written for Go.

ORY Fosite

Extensible security first OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect SDK for Go.

ORY Dockertest

Write better integration tests! Dockertest helps you boot up ephermal docker images for your Go tests with minimal work.


ORY API Security

Cyber security is becoming increasingly complex. IoT, data analysis and cloud computing have huge potential, and new risks. ORY API Security is a set of products that solve IoT, cloud and API security.

Our open source flagship ORY Hydra secures production stacks facing millions of requests each day. To learn more, head over to our products section.


ORY Sites

User-Centric Web Development

The internet is almost three decades old, yet it is a struggle setting up simple applications. Solutions are either locking you in, insecure, or have bad user experience. We built ORY Sites, a modern, secure, and easy to use site builder. By the way, the website you are looking at was built using ORY Sites and is hosted on GitHub for free.



Simon Köhl


Simon, a visionary social tech-entrepeneur, is the founder of Serlo Education and has vast experience in administration, team building and finance.

Aeneas Rekkas

Founder & CEO

Aeneas started developing at 12, built his first web services at the age of 16 and co-founded Serlo Education - Germany's leading open education platform - together with Simon Köhl while still in school.

Thomas Aidan Curran


Thomas Aidan Curran is an independent software developer, investor and advisor to numerous internet companies. Until 2012, he was CTO at Deutsche Telekom AG.

Julia Renninger

Management & Sales

Patrik Neu


John Fitzgerald

User Experience Design


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